Off States

In this video, Matt Clarke from Switched On Global describes the 'off states' to be aware of that can pull you off your journey to the new.

Video transcript:

Hi, I'm Matt Clarke from Switched On Global. 

Earlier we spoke about the journey from now to the new and the conscious evolution that you can undertake if you set off with a clear intent. What I'd like to share with you now are the things that can pull you off that journey. So dive in, here we go. 

First one around, intent, clear intent. What can pull you out of clear intent is if you come from a superior perspective or a superior point of view, as in, "I have the answer and I'm just frustrated that you don't see it my way." If that's happening, see if you can acknowledge that you're frustrated, accept that you might be superior minded and see how you come into joining in with others, of genuinely wanting to explore this clear intent that you're setting out to evolve or grow or improve. 

Secondly, present reality, what can pull you out of present reality is an indulgence in too much or an excessive daydreaming. Thinking about this, thinking about that instead of coming into the present reality of, "We have what we have, we're resourced with what we've got, let's just take stock and see how we really start to move given the intent that we're pursuing." 

Next, on the exploring with equanimity in the peace, what can pull you off that is a real wild mindedness of it's either fantastic or it's terrible. We're going to crash and burn. Look to maintain the peace and equanimity through the exploration so you can go through what can be sometimes a difficult and challenging stage. 

If you are managing to continue through the exploration, keeping breathing, keeping going, you end up finding the path. The path becomes obvious. What can pull you off the path at this point is a sense of, I've found something new, I've been distracted by a new shiny object, or now that I've just read this book, forget the path we talked about before. This is what we now need to do. 

If you can acknowledge that, the next new thing or the next new fad might not be the long-term way forward. Take pause, take stock, you've got a sense of direction and a way forward stick to it and keep going. You'll then progress into structures, building the structures to support you in keeping going. 

And what can pull you off track at this stage is a sense of victim mentality or a below-the-line-ness. It's a blaming of something else or making an excuse or a justification as to why things are just not moving. You fall into a low energy victim-minded state and nothing seems to progress. 

If you find yourself falling into that, take stock, refocus, come back to the plan. You've built the structures, you know the rhythm, keep going, keep going, keep going until you move into interconnected ways of working with other people bringing in their expertise, knowing that at this stage what can pull you off track here is if you get too impatient and you start to get pushy, you want to move things quicker. 

You in fact, go ahead of the tempo and you lose the rhythm of the interconnection. If you're pushing too hard, take a breath, take stock, come back, work with other people, find the grove because if you find the grove you move into flow. You are into a real elegance in the way things are moving and progressing. 

Knowing that, what can take you off track here is that you start to get a bit more workhorse-like like I'm just going to keep going, keep going, keep going. It becomes more cognitive and rational rather than cognitive and emotive and physical and the feeling of the social connection, driven by the intent you miss that flow and that effortlessness, that ease, which eventually will take you to the next new form, that eighth and final stage. You've become the very thing that you set out to accomplish and even at this stage what can pull you off the journey is if you go into judgement style of thinking as in, "But you know what, we really didn't do it as well as we could have, or we should have done this and we should have done that." Look, you've progressed, you've moved on, you've evolved to a next new form. 

Instead take a moment to celebrate it and start to assimilate it as a part of who you are now. What naturally comes then at that stage is the next journey, the next evolution. The journey continues. It doesn't end there. 

So know that there's these stages of conscious evolution, be aware of these distractions that can pull you off track, and I hope this video gives you a perspective on how you can switch yourself back on. 

Good luck.

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