Human Energy

In this video, Matt Clarke from Switched On Global shares a perspective called human energy.

Video transcript:

Hi, I'm Matt Clarke from Switched On Global and today I would love to share with you a perspective called Human Energy, at least how we see it at Switched on Global. 

One of the best ways to remember it is just the typical human hand and there are only six areas to share.

So, first one is around purposefulness, is around will or spirit. Inspiration comes from the Latin 'inspiritus' which is 'of spirit'. So what is it that inspires you or inspires your team? That's one area. 

Second one is around cognition and thinking, rationality and mental intellect, is it strong? That's a different perspective compared to purpose or inspiration. 

Third one is around physicality, the body, this you know is it in good condition? Is it in good shape? Another perspective to pay attention to. 

This one here is around about emotions, which is different to cognition and thinking. Emotions are more the highs and the lows, the moods and the tones, the colors, and the fragrances are all emotive experiences. 

This one here is society and social connection. Do you have a good quality of contact with the people that you work with and the people that are around you? 

And the sixth dimension which perhaps is the palm here, this is all about the quality of the environment that you find yourself in. 

Now human beings are hugely influenced by environment and are ranging from the accent that you have to the behaviours that you adopt. So for Human Energy, all of these six areas are considered and at Switched On Global, we continuously look into the depths of all of these six because when they are all together, the ability to consciously evolve a new form or a new way of being or a new way of working becomes much more available to you. 

Check out the website for a lot more on all of these dimensions. There's plenty of things to have a look at. 

All the best. Thanks for listening.

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