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How to Co-Create Something New from the Unknown

When we seek to create something new, there is a common pattern that we see. By its definition, something that's new has to have been unknown until now. Put another way, you can't recycle old concepts and call them new. Instead, you must delve into the unknown and find something that is the perfect solution to your problem. There are many highs and lows of co-creativity. You will experience these feelings both in the group scenario and alone. So, how can you make something new from the unknown? Let's take a look at the key stages you will go through during the creative process.


The first part of this process is one that you understand, i.e. you know it. You will already have an idea in your mind of what you want to create. What is the Big Question? What is the problem you want to solve here? What do you already know about the area? You must spend some time piecing together what you already know about the situation. This stage is a collaborative process. You ought to share stories, notions and information. In this instance, it is vital that each of you listens to one another. Once you have enough awareness of multiple perspectives, you can begin to delve deep into the area.


Next, armed with the information, you should start to explore the unknown. This process is never an easy one. You should make use of logic and previous knowledge to inform your search. You should start by thinking of the most ludicrous solution to your problem. From there, you can begin to reign in your ideas so that you can apply them to a day-to-day situation. Allow every member of the group to take an active role in this part of the process. You should welcome all ideas and discuss them.


Through this process, new ideas will become self-evident. That is to say that you will find new solutions and concepts organically. The thing that you discover here is the ultimate solution at this present time. That means that you can not find a better solution than the one you have right now. You should consider as many options as possible, before settling on one.


Once you have made a decision, it's time to use the concept. You will integrate the idea into your everyday life. Thus, when the concept has served its primary purpose, it becomes old. The concept or solution has become a part of our normality, but it is no longer useful to us. At this point, it will become clear that we need a new solution to the situation.

The cycle begins again when we need yet another solution. This concept means that nothing is permanent - everything has an expiry date. The cycle is a continual entity. That is why the creative process is so important. It is crucial that we always have new ideas, products, solutions and concepts. Without them, we have no way of evolving.


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