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Core Purpose: In a Co-Creative Process, Get to the Core.

The co-creative process is one that is highly important for any business scenario. After all, it often takes two or more people to piece together the fundamentals of a new product, idea or concept. That is to say that you will often have to work with others in the field when creating something new. Before you get into the phase of working with one another, you ought to understand the core purpose of the co-creative process. This concept will help you to make the most out of every meeting and ideas session. It is thus crucial that you understand how it works. Think of these four points as the main principles that you must establish before you begin work on a new project.

Core Purpose

The core purpose of any project or meeting refers to the reason that we are here. Why have we met up today? What is it that we're trying to create through this process? You ought to know just what you want out of a meeting before you attend it. You should know why you or the other party has called this meeting and what the general purpose of it is. This principle should be straightforward. You should already know why the meeting is happening.


The objectives refer to the fine details of the meeting itself. What will we do when we meet? You might have an open discussion, updates, a mapping session and so on. This aspect of the core purpose is all about the logistics of the project. It describes what you're going to do in a step by step way. That way, you can use your objectives during the meeting to colour what you do and how the events happen. You should make this list of actions as detailed as possible so that you have a clear structure. The more information you have, the easier it will be to understand what you can expect from each person.


Whenever you meet someone, you know what you want to get out of that setting. The results are tangible outputs that you get through the process of the meeting itself. What is your plan? Do you now have a clear strategy? Have you created a product? You want to make sure that there are visible results whenever you hold a meeting. That way, you can show evidence of the work situation to others. Before you meet someone, you should make a list of everything you hope to gain, i.e. the results of the meeting.


Everything that happens to us has a strong effect on us - on the way we feel and the ways in which we act. What is the impact of this meeting? Do you leave the meeting feeling energised? Or, on the other side of things, do you leave feeling drained? You ought to pay attention to the effect the event has on you as a whole. That way, you can determine whether it was a success or not. Many people ignore the general effects of each situation, but you must never do so.


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