Constant Evolution

In this video, Matt Clarke from Switched On Global shares a view on constant evolution.

Video transcript:

Hi, I'm Matt Clark from Switched On Global. 

Today I'd like to take a moment to share a view with you on constant evolution. 

As far as I and many believe, we've only ever constantly evolved, and as far as we can foresee, we're only going to continue to constantly evolve. We've come out of different ages, we've come out for example more recently, from the Bronze and the Iron Age, evolving and expanding into the Agricultural Age. 

We from there expanded into the Industrial Age. From the Industrial Age we expanded into the Information age, and this is the age that we are in now. We are sharing information between each other and globally way, way more than we ever did before. 

From the people I have the good fortune to work with often, and who have expert opinions on what this next stage is that we're moving into, of all of the ages they could say, they're saying that we're moving into what's called the biological and the well-being age. This biological and well-being age of working more interconnectedly with each other to considering how healthy we are individually, and how healthy we are as a team or as a group. 

And the reason why I share this age that we're moving into is because when you are creating something new, it's important to consider the age that you're creating into, because there is a lag that exists between the intent and the manifestation. And if you're creating with the current ages' view in mind, it robs you of success because the time has moved on and what you've created is no longer fit for the present. 

So important thing to keep in mind, look at the age we're moving into. We are moving into this biological and well-being age, and when considering the new solution, please make sure you're creating with that in mind. 

Keep breathing, keep going, good luck.

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1. SANJAY wrote:
Excdllent article. To be duscussed over a glass of cahmpagne, fire _ no doubt.
Love and best wishes xx

Mon, 20 November, 2017 @ 10:53 AM

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