Conscious Evolution

Matt Clarke from Switched On Global shares a perspective in this video on creating the new through an 8 stage journey of conscious evolution.

Video Transcript:

Hi, I'm Matt Clarke from Switched On Global and today I'd love to share with you a perspective on creating the new. 

The journey from now to creating the new, and it's an eight-stage journey which is being informed by...mostly by a Native American earth wisdom, an ancient wisdom which has still got huge relevance today. 

So let me talk you through. The journey from now to the new is never a straight line. It's usually got huge highs and lows all the way through it, and as I mentioned, there are eight stages I'd like to just draw your attention to. In other videos will go through them in more depth. 

First stage is that there really needs to be a very clear intent, a very clear desire as to the direction you're wanting to head. What's the impetus? What's the spirit? What's the urge? What's the desire? The clearer you are on that, the easier it is for these other stages to unfold. 

Second stage is then around, well what is the present reality? What is the current conditions that are going on? What are the resources that you have? Who are the people that you know? In business, who are the stakeholders that you're engaged with? Who is in your value chain? Who is already in momentum with you? 

The third stage then when you consider your intent and considering those who are around and the resources that you have, is you're then able to explore what it is that you can do next. It's exploring the unknown, not knowing where you're going. Often times feeling lost for many humans this is the worst of all of the phases and it's often times when they can blow out, but if you keep breathing, keep going, keep going, keep going, you come through after that exploration with a new path found (the fourth stage), a new way that you're going to start to progress toward the new. 

That leads to then to a fifth stage, which is around the right structures and the right ways of nurturing growth. So it supports this new path that you've identified. 

With those structures and those nurturing ways of growth you then can move into truly interconnecting with other people (the 6th stage), interconnecting with other stakeholders, interconnecting with the resources you already have available and you're looking to progress to a state of flow. 

A seventh phase of flow, of elegance, of ease, music terms when you are on the beat when you are in synchronization. With that, you then eventually transition into the new form (the eighth stage), into a new way, into the thing that you set out to become. And as the great Buckminster Fuller would say, he would say "The reward for doing a great job is a greater job." In other words, with this new form, it's not a moment of, put your feet up, light the cigar and it's all over. 

In fact, it just really readies you for the next journey, the next creative journey of creating the next new or the next evolution. 

We'll go through a lot more of these eight different stages in following videos, but for now, I just wanted to share with you the overall architecture of which every creative meeting that we run at Switched On Global, is designed off this back drop. 

If you'd like to learn more, check out Switched On's website and you can easily find what you're looking for. 

All the best, thank's for listening.

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