As we evolve from the Information Age in to the Biological & Wellbeing Age, the quality of our interconnection could make or break us.

Switched On’s approach is to decrease the resistance between us and therefore the obvious becomes apparent, potential is liberated, energy is released, progress is made, contribution increases and remuneration follows.

After 30 years, we feel like we are in our early beginnings. Our client portfolio is extremely stimulating and we’ll always find room for those looking to balance profit and global stewardship.

Get in touch with us if you’re inspired. There’s much to do.

Matt Clarke, Founder and President of Switched On Global and a Partner at Leaders’ Quest, specialises in bringing together disparate parties and enabling collaboration in complex business situations. Over his career, he has worked with the boards of some of the world's largest companies as well as facilitated collaborations between businesses, governments, academics and social enterprises to address some of the greatest challenges facing the world today; including energy, finance, food, wellbeing, urbanisation and resilience.

After recovering from severe asthma as a child, Matt learned first-hand that collective approaches yield transformational results. So with co-creation at the core of his work, he spent over a decade as a Group Director with Nowhere Group where they together, catapulted intentional co-creative practices to new levels.

He also is a co-founding trustee of The Friends of Baale Mane, a social enterprise that provides a loving home near Bangalore, India to nurture and resource girls who do not have parents who can care for them. Matt lives in central London with his wife Eileen and their two Parkour-loving sons, enjoying their passion for music, healthy living and supporting their local community.

Matt Clarke, Founder and President of Switched On Global

Matt Clarke, Founder and President of Switched On Global